Another 333 challenge: Gothic

My first 333 challenge only had 3 man pieces and could easily added another one without losing verstaility.
So I tried a new one, starting out in more gothic/punk loli direction, I don't like putting everything under certain styles or themes, but I really like to try something else.
Again I added a bag, but really to makes the wadrobe more cohensive, ideally a pair white socks should be subtituted instead.
I didn't make coordinates with coat, it can be turned into a jacket because the bottom is detachable.
another thing is inclusion of offbrand pieces, it works really well, the golf shoes was something I didn't expect to be used as much as it did.
The main pieces is two tartan pieces from Neverland/Souflle song/whatever their name was... A basic chiffon OP from Atelier Pierrot and strabless bustle jsk from Fan Plus friend.
Blouses is all Fan plus Friend, I am bit lazy.
Outerwear: i did go for variation: a wintercoat from F+F, a bolero from Atelier Pierrot and offbrand biker jacket.
Shoes: Bodyline or offbrand(Dr. Martens and VW)
Socks: meta, bodyline, Putumayo and IW
Headwear: F+F Bowler, Marple headress, IW red headbow, black Aliceholic headbow, tartan one from Neverland, white/black canotier is Bodyline, black rose corsage with veil from   Atelier Pierrot
Bag: Miho Matsuda

Skirts are lovely, because they are so simple and easy to coordinate. My favorite is the one with biker jacket, you don't need more to go out!
33pieces wardrobecoord2.png
Of two jsks in wadrobe, this one is easiest to coordinate with. I don't know about the puff sleeves are detachable or not. I just pretend they are to make more possible coordinates like the one in the bottom left corner.

This dress is really fun, you can blouse under it, a bolero or jacket over or wear as it is.
I also like the emphanizes of the look lies in accesory rather on the dress.

The last piece might strech wardrobe out of limit, there is simply not eneough red in wadrobe, I could recycle the putumayo socks more here, but where is fun part of that? Also imagine the cross cutsew with the white collar.
Final notes:
I think jewelry would tie the wadrobe together, and maybe an novelty bag to more fancy events.
It work but it need a little extra.And the mutples shades of red gives me headache, some places it work and some don'ts.
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Project 333 Hypothetical wardrobe challenge

For awhile I have seen those hypothetical wardrobe challenges, I always wanted to try it out, but always failed at it. Until I came across Roli's version of 333 challenge. It suddenly make more sense in a way, but I actually had hard time to fill it out.
I took following rules from her challange:

  • This is a year-round 33 piece wardrobe, not seasonal

  • It does not include the necessary underthings, such as petticoats and bloomers

  • It does not include jewellery or small accessories (though, given that it is quite cohesive you would probably not need to many different pieces to match everything anyway)

I ditched this one

  • It does not include bags (and a single, neutral, big ivory purse would go with everything)

and added a few myself

  • It does only contains three main pieces(more would be too much work, but I could easily put one more in)

  • The mainpieces should be solid

  • the wardrobe contains a coat and least a pair of boots

This is result

The mainpieces is a lovely demin jsk from MAM, a Nun OP from bttsb(properly a statement piece) and brocade underbust jsk from Attp. I think plain cotton could work too, but I really want to play with cuts, without being old school. Structure adds something to every piece. I didn't add a short sleeved blouse, but there is plenty of boleros. I added Btssb Heart bag, i fallen in love with them lately, they are cute and verstaile.

first up is the Demin jsk, despite being sweet piece, it is surpricing verstaile. From classic to old school sweet. it can everything.
The bottom outfits is to show how I would cordinate for going out, Auturm/Winther(Spring) and Spring/Summer.

Next up is the Nun dress, there is not so much to say. I really the dress with ancle socks to contrast the heavy dress body and with thights it looks really fancy. The last one is just to try see it with a coat. The socks is not solid by the way, they have a dainty rose pattern!

The last one is the jaquard jumperskirt. It is fun to play with, there is almost endless possibilities. If I have to add accesory, i would go for classic or steampunk, even it could be old school sweet as well.

I could help it and try something with the coat.